Day 7 to 8

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Today we went through Atlanta, an Olympic city backbefore we were born.

We went to Fern Bank Science Museum were we got to touch Apollo 6!  Mum was really excited as this is the only one she has seen that you can touch, as all the others are behind plastic or glass shields.  Apollo 6 went into space in the 1960’s. It was an unmanned test mission that went up on a Saturn 5 rocket.


There was other stuff at the museum but we had the most fun playing the money racing game.  It is our favouritegame at all the museums we have gone too.


We then went to Chattanooga were we went toRuby Falls.  Here we both got to go on zip linesand had heaps of fun.

Afterwards we went into Ruby Falls cavern, which is over 1000 feet or 300 meters UNDER GROUND!!!   it was awesome!!!  There is a huge waterfall in the cavern!





We stayed in a wall mart parking lot tonight!


We went to Huntsville Alabama and looked at the Rocket museum. There was another Saturn 5 rocket here, and mum has seen all 4 remaining Saturn 5’s.  There is a mock saturn 5 outside which is standing up, and it is massive!!

We had fun on the playground and Mr E did not like the up-down ride.  Mr V loved it!



WE then headed to Lynchburg, where the Jack Daniels distillery is.   The creek they get the water from is very cold.   The smell of the making of Jack Daniels was yucky, as it does a fermentation process.



We stayed at Nashville tonight.

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