Day 5 – Austin to Fort Worth

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Today we travelled back to Fort Worth.  We stopped at Waco and went to Waco Mammoth National Monument.  A national monument is something that the president of the united states declares and a national park is something that the congress declares.


They have found a lot of mammoth bones here.  these are columbian mamoths.  Mamoth Q is believed to be about 51000 years old and was a boy, and about 50 years old when he died.  The difference between a boy and a girl mamoth, the girl has a diamond pelvis and the boy has a more circular pelvis.  Boys also have longer tusks.


There were other mamoths that also died here about 65000 years ago.   Palaeontologists beleive this area was a swamp area with lots of food, and that a flash flood occured that trapped the mamoths so they couldnt escape.  From the different layers of the dirt they determined that the flash flood was a regular occurance every few thousand years.



Afterwards we got hungry so we went to a place called Sonic, which is a drive in for cars, and you order your food and they bring it out to you. It was yummy.





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