Day 3 USA

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Day 2 we drove from Dallas to Houston.
Day 3.
Today we went to Johnson Space Center at Houston. The boys had a heap of fun here, and we spent the entire day here. We went and saw were they practised working on the International space station for their missions and mockup. We got to feel like what it is like to hold something on Mars and have the same item on earth. Did you know things weighed lighter on Mars for the same object.

We also got to touch a piece of the Moon! Yes a rock from the moon!!

We saw a saturn 5 rocket today too! Everyone was impressed with the size of it.
Daddy also had a great laugh when he heard an american women explaining (wrongly) how the full saturn 5 landed in a field (entirely in tact somehow) , and thats how they got to display it, and she was going home to google what field it landed in. She completely misread and interrupted the picture wrong. The pic of the saturn 5 in the field was were it was originally put on display but in 1999 they decided to preserve the saturn 5 rocket as it was out in the open, so they built massive shed to house it in and restored the rocket back to its former state.

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