Day 3/4 – to Austin texas

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On day 3 we travelled from Dallas Fort Worth down to Austin, which is about 3hrs away.


We went over to Glen Rose where there are dinosaur footprints in a creek bed at Dinosaur valley State Park.  This is a national park so the footprints will be protected for a long time.   We got to walk among some of the foot prints which was a lot of fun.


We then went over to Fossil Rim Safari Park, were we got to drive through a park that had lots of deer, rhino, giraffs and other animals.


On day 4 we went down to natural bridge caverns were we went and explored two underground caverns.  It was pitched black when the lights went out. Mr E was scared. After the cavern tours we then went and did a outdoor maze, which we all got rained on. Daddy got stuck and got very wet, and Mr V just went running around through the maze and got even wetter.


Afterwards we went to wallmart, were Mr V got w pichachu onsie and mum got w minion onsie. Dad wanted to drive around on the scooters buy Mum wouldn’t let him.






3 comments on “Day 3/4 – to Austin texas

  1. mark mchugh says:

    It only 1 1/2 hrs from Austin to the Alamo

  2. Mrs Grimshaw says:

    Hi Vaughan! It’s 3G! We all miss you very much but your holiday looks so fun! We were all very surprised about the dinosaur footprints and the caves were awesome! We all hope you are having a wonderful time and have a safe trip home.
    Lots of love from Riverside, Mrs Grimshaw, Mrs Dearden & Mrs Barrett – Australia!

    • admin says:

      We are now in New York looking at the Empire State building from our hotel room! Hello to everyone wt Riverside! 😀😀😃😃

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