Day 22

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Bear Tooth Highway and a horrible national park called Yellowstone.


Beartooth highway is as they say Americas most scenic highway and its very true! The boys got to play in real snow for the first time on this stunning bit of road which twists and turns up through the mountain side on the east side of Yellowstone.   It has heaps of turn outs on it which allows you to be able to pull over and take lots of photos or video.


At one of the stops the boys found friendly chipmunks. They didn’t like bread that the boys tried to feed them! They were very small like rat sized. They were very cute and the boys had fun chasing them in and out of the wall holes.


The highway wasn’t crowded either. This meant we were able to stop at any of the stops we wanted too, unlike Yellowstone were no one paid attention to signage and parked where ever they wanted too. Yellowstone was completely different with the most common species being homo sapiens.

Every time there were Bison it was pretty much a traffic jam. We got photos early up so didn’t really care to see them again… They are pretty much a wooly cow. As for other wildlife it was a complete disappointment. We Some ducks and crows, we also saw a deer, but we saw more in Devils Towers.


There were lots of Geisers there, that were all hot and steamy.

It was a big day’s drive, we started just after 7am and finished driving about 8pm!



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  1. Kim says:

    Your trip looks fantastic! We loved beartooth on our bike. Completely understand your sentiments re ‘Yellow-line park’. Glad we went but wouldn’t bother again. Look forward to reading your next instalment 😊👍

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