Day 19

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We walked down to the lake we were stayed, and tried to skim rocks. Mr V was able to do it twice!


We then went to Rapid City via Mt Rushmore. The GPS has been sending us on some weird out of the way tracks, well this was no different! We got sent through 3 tunnels, the first of which was 12 foot and 4 inches. From our RV book we are 12 foot tall. No worries so Mum walks through and spots Dad to drive through. We hit the second tunnel which is now 12 foot tall. Again mum walks through and spots, and we still had half a meter clearance!.   We then hit a third and final tunnel. This time 11 foot tall apparently! Mum was pretty much a we aren’t turning around. So Dad had the idea of getting something out to measure the RV against the tunnel roof. We tried a broom but it wasn’t tall enough so we got out one of mums camera tripods and extended the legs, which then went past the height of the RV. Mum then walked through the tunnel and it cleared all the way through! So Dad then drove the RV through with Mum spotting him. The mirrors came close each side, but still had a foot at the top of clearance! Phew.


Lets just say Mum and Dad don’t want to do any more tunnels any time soon.


After this we went to Mt Rushmore. 4 of America’s presidents face’s in the side of the mountain. Abraham, Roosevelt, Washington and Lincoln.   After this we then went into Rapid city were we went to the KOA RV park. We had a swim in the pool and hot tub which was very hot.

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