Day 18 – Total Solar Eclipse

August 27, 2017 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

Total Solar Eclipse Day! The day started out foggy and cloudy.   Gordon who lives nearby said that they rarely get a foggy day! As this is Mum’s third eclipse they have all started out cloudy, and just as she predicted the clouds parted for totality.


For Mr E he thought the sun had gone black, and calls it the black the sun!


For Mr V he was amazed and raved about it! He enjoyed it so much, and thanked Mum and Dad for bringing him to a total solar eclipse!


Both boys very much wants to see another one!!! So maybe South America in Early July 2019 or Texas in 2024.


After the eclipse we said goodbye to our new friends and drove up to Hot Springs just south of Rapid City.  We stopped past Car Henge at Alliance.

There was a lovely campsite in south Dakota national park called Augostura. It had multiple campsites set out really well, with lots of play grounds.

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