Japan May 2017

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We spent our first day in Japan travelling from Tokyo Narita airport to Mt Fuji.  We went on a train and a lady came around to sell us drinks and food.  We ate a danish apple cake and it was huge!

We got off at Fujisan station and saw  a Thomas Train


We had dinner at Fujisan station that night.  There was a small playground on the bottom floor of fujisan station where the food court was.  It was good fun to play in the playground while we waited for our dinner to be made.

Mum and Dad then took us up to level 4 of Fujisan Station.  There were lots of computer games and machines there.  There was some thomas tracks setup that we could play with.  We had a lot of fun.   Mum and Dad could buy toys there, and there was a Daiso store, which is a dollar shop. Mum bought some different packets of chips to try. Some were nice and some were yuck.

On our second day we went to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park.  Mum and Dad bought thomas land park tickets. We had lots of fun and went on lots of rides. My brother could go on all of the rides, and some rides mum or dad had to go on with us.  Dad also took me on another ride in the big park, and you could pay for tickets individually for those rides. It was lots of fun.


Fuji-Q Highland – 5-6-1 ShinNishihara Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Chubu, Japan

I rated this place 5/5 – Fuji Q Highland theme park
great place to take the kids. Thomas land kept us so entertained. We are 3 and 7 years old, and we liked all the rides in thomas land. Dad also took me on one of the bigger rides which he could pay for separately if you had only bought thomas land tickets. The park is right outside the train station. It was a lot of fun. We got to ride on a thomas train.

On our third day, it was our last day at Fujistation. We went up this huge Ropeway at Yama.  When we got to the top we could see Mt Fuji.  There were also lots of characters that we got on and mum and dad took photos of. This was fun.  We then went back to Tokyo on a Express train that afternoon.

When we got to Tokyo station we had to change trains!  This train station was massive! mum kept a tight hand on Mr E and Dad kept a close eye on me as there were people everywhere!
We changed trains to stay at Tokyo Sheraton at Tokyo Bay near Tokyo Disney.

On our last day we went to Tokyo Disney! It was heaps of fun!  We went on Space Mountain! Elijah was tall enough as he is taller then 102cm.  He wanted to do it again! Star Wars Tours was good fun, we did that twice.  We also walked around and this place is big!.

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