Day 16 to 21

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Sorry been offline due to no internet access over in Nebraska where we stayed for totality, Stapleton Nebraska.  Internet is terrible! can’t get stable connection. will have to try later. but even at the RV parks cannot get stability!. Its really bad actually.


We stayed in stapleton for two days in the local rv park! we meet some great people there and there was a street party on saturday night! everyone wanted to buy as drinks and dance with Mum.  Most of them hadn’t meet an aussie’s before. There was a good playground to play in and we made lots of new friends.


We were explaining what was going to happen with the eclipse, and to watch for Shadow Bands (thousands of snake looking shadows on the ground before and after the eclipse) the diamond ring, and totality and the solar flares.  We saw all of it!!



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  1. mark says:

    So Nebraska is like the whole of australia for broadband access

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